What We're Playing #6


January 19, 2013


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Happy New Year, everyone! After last week’s big news we’ve now returned with our sixth installment of everyone’s favorite series. The aim of What We’re Playing is to shine some light on games that might otherwise go unnoticed and to give you a peek into our twisted definition of ?fun? when it comes to mobile games.

One thing to note: While we here at Chartboost truly do love our game developer partners and play just about every game that uses our technology, not every game you see here will be a partner title. This is what we play when we?re home from the office with our feet up on the couch looking for a bit of gaming R&R.

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*Look at that cell phone! Those were the days…

Devon McLaughlin - Business Development Extern

Playing Tilt to Live?by One Man Left Studios

An oldie but a goodie, this tilt-based game has had me hooked since the days before I had a smartphone when I would ask my friends to let me play on their phones. With five game modes, there is enough to keep you entertained for a long time, but the basic object is to tilt the arrow around the screen to destroy the red dots using the various power ups. This game is very fast-paced and challenging, and it has unique and entertaining commentary in all of the load screens. The only downside is that since this game relies on very precise tilts, playing in a car or on a subway is extremely challenging.

Nate Barker - Publisher Relations Manager

Playing Middle Manager of Justice?by Double Fine Productions

I’m tired of super heroes getting all the credit. Seriously, anyone can don some ill-fitting spandex and throw themselves in the way of a few villainous punches. Nowadays, real talent lies in developing the budding Batmen and sophmoric Superwomen of today into the venerated vindicators of tomorrow. Middle Manager of Justice allows you to accomplish just that. The game borrows elements from simulation games like Hayday and RPGs like Pokemon. In the game you hire, train, and deploy super heroes to crime hotspots. Along the way, you fight evil bosses, collect coins to upgrade your team, and clean up the town.

The real trick is managing the time of multiple heroes, who often join the organization at different experience levels. You also get to upgrade yourself (the manager) with fun abilities like “Pep Talk” and “Paradigm Shift.”

This fun title could use a little more story overall, but the hours spent vanquishing evil and perfecting my super-team kept me extremely entertained.

Sachin Goel - Coding Things and Eating Wings

Playing Earn to Die?by Not Doppler

Earn to Die is not the first game to get on the zombie-crazed bandwagon, however it brings an interesting take of the genre to the table and kept me entertained for a couple of days. The game starts out in a zombie infested West Texas and challenges you make your way to the escape location in Washington State by plowing over said zombies with increasingly violent vehicles and guns over a series of levels. Unfortunately, the game is rather short but there is an option to replay the levels with the modified cars that you acquired during the game. Earn to Die is definitely worth the buck if you need to satisfy your zombie slaying cravings.

Boram Lee - Korea Account Manager

Playing Anipang for Kakao?by Sundaytoz

It’s the game that attracted huge attention (#1 in Korea for longest time) and also made the SMS platform Kakao Talk become profitable and popular among Korean game developers. The game itself is simple - it’s a casual puzzle game where you match 3 or more identical characters by moving characters left, right, up, or down. Each game is limited to only 60 sec. You have to move your fingers fast to score highest possible points in the given timeframe. It’s also fun as you get to compare with your friends’ score and you can also send heart-shaped bonuses to your friends - some people even use it to reconnect with their exes…

Cori Savaiano - Publisher Relations Manager

Playing Hungry Shark Evolution?by Future Games of London

I’ve been pouring hours of “research” this week into Hungry Shark Evolution. In the game, you’re a ferocious shark roaming the dark depths and sea shores for schools of fish, sea turtles, and sun bathing tourists to satiate your appetite. Too long between a meal and you’ll starve to death. As you progress, you can level your tiny reef shark up through tiger sharks and finally, the great white. But really, this game is all about eating tourists.

Nate Ahearn - Marketing Manager

Playing Temple Run 2?by Imangi Studios

The first Temple Run was largely responsible for starting the endlress runner craze that still permeates the mobile gaming world today. It may not have been the first of its kind, but it sure was the best. Now Imangi is back with a new rendition, and while it doesn’t turn the endless runner on its head, there’s no doubt that it’s a much prettier, more refined package than the first time around.

The first thing that will strike players is the visual upgrade. It’s a true leap forward with enhanced lighting, some very nice texture work and - get this - paths that actually curve and change altitudes. Not exactly mind-melting material, but it provides enough differentiation from the first to warrant the entry fee of zero dollars. Just when you thought you’d never have a reason to delete the first Temple Run from your phone, Imangi gives us the best reason yet to do so.

Thanks for reading! Check back in two weeks for our next installment of What We’re Playing! Until then, be sure to hit us up on Twitter @Chartboost.