What We're Playing #5


December 15, 2012


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Happy holidays everyone! Welcome to the fifth installment of our seminal series detailing what the fine folks in the Chartboost office are playing. The aim is to shine some light on games that might otherwise go unnoticed and to give you a peek into our twisted definition of ?fun? when it comes to mobile games.

One thing to note: While we here at Chartboost truly do love our game developer partners and play just about every game that uses our technology, not every game you see here will be a partner title. This is what we play when we?re home from the office with our feet up on the couch looking for a bit of gaming R&R. Be sure to shoot us your thoughts on our Twitter page @Chartboost.

*Remember the N-Gage? That was a heck of a thing.

Anish Godhwani - Support Engineer

Playing Dojo Danger?by Kihon Games

It’s not often developers create a game that is challenging, fun and at the same time rewarding. Enter Dojo Danger, a ninja ball slinging game in which you fight off hordes of zombies to save your village! Imagine a mix of pinball with a splash of Angry Birds (along with some awesome power-ups!) and you’ll get Dojo Danger. Currently, the App is available in the Canada and Australia store as beta, but I’m sure the release will bring great ninja ball bouncing fun for everyone!

PS - The game kicks butt on an iPad Mini!

Cori Savaiano - Publisher Relations Manager

Playing Ice Cream Jump?by Retro Dreamer

This game is so cute, I have no need for this or this or even this anymore. All I need is my adorable scoop of ice cream, bouncing from grassy platform to grassy platform, collecting coins and magic apples that make me spew rainbows and magic from my bum to make me smile. Gameplay is simple: keep bouncing on platforms and avoid the evil bee/fly things by tilting your device side to side. Holy cuteness Batman, this game is adorable.

Nate Barker - Publisher Relations Manager

Playing On the Wind?by Don’t Step on the Cracks

Don’t let “On the Wind’s” zen-like appearance deceive you into thinking this game will be a breeze. This is a fast paced side-scroller. You play as the wind and your objective is to collect leaves (read: hit points), avoid floating platforms, and make it through all four seasons of the year. The visuals are gorgeous mix of 8-bit, dot-matrix, silhouettes and vibrant cartoons. The animations are slick, cheery and add a ton of texture. The control scheme could use some work as it is hard to see the action under my finger, but otherwise it is a fun and challenging excursion.

Ed Williams - Support Engineer

Playing Tiny Wings?by Andreas Illiger

Every once in a while, a new game is released that uses a game mechanic of an older hit game. Of course this is normal and expected since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Recently while poking around the App Store, I found a game with an identical game mechanic as Tiny Wings. Naturally, I immediately quit what I was doing and launched my old fave.

Haven’t played in a while? Great news! There’s a ton of new features that make it better than ever. You’ve got the same awesome endless runner that we all know and love… along with a new challenge mode where you compete for fish!

It was great then, and it’s even better now. Highly recommended!

Pepe Agell - Worldwide Expansion

Playing Dream League Soccer?by First Touch

As a good European, I’m a big fan of soccer games. There are many out there with several different gameplay experiences. I believe Dream League Soccer stands out from the crowd. Graphics are well elaborated and include many different views of the field. Even if you’re playing on a small touch-screen, it replicates the console visual experience.

It takes a little bit of time to get used to the controls, but once you get familiar, you can master your movements and maneuvers and the game becomes much more exciting. The game allows multiplayer matches via Gamecenter and has multiple leagues with different levels of difficulty so rivals become harder to beat as you advance through the different leagues.

Overall, Dream League Soccer is probably the soccer games that best captures the excitement of the sport. The only downside is that small banners are quite disturbing until you get the first package of coins.

Shannon Chang - Publisher Analyst

Playing Battle Cats?by Ponos

A couple weeks ago I started playing Bread Kittens by Bake450, Inc. then my friend introduced me to Battle Cats! I usually don?t play more than 1 ?cat game? at a time, but when I do, it?s Battle Cats!

Battle Cats is the perfect combination of tower defense, crazy story (Top secret US mission to invade Japan? with cats because top Japanese weapons are useless again the cute kitties), quirky characters (Sexy Legs Cat), and unimaginable enemies (like the bi-sexual hippo, who has ?multiple attack skills?). This is by far one of my favorite tower defense games!

Thanks for reading! Check back in three weeks for our next installment of What We’re Playing! Until then, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Chartboost!