What We're Playing #3


November 10, 2012


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Welcome to the third installment of our seminal series detailing what the fine folks in the Chartboost office are playing in their spare time. The aim is to shine some light on games that might otherwise go unnoticed and to give you a peek into our twisted definition of ?fun? when it comes to mobile games.

One thing to note: While we here at Chartboost truly do love our game developer partners and play just about every game that uses our technology, not every game you see here will be a partner title. This is what we play when we?re home from the office with our feet up on the couch looking for a bit of gaming R&R.

Brian Blocker - Senior Front End Engineer/Consumer of Fermented Beverages

Playing Fieldrunners 2?by Subatomic Games

The original Fieldrunners was a pretty legit game. I am definitely guilty of losing many hours of sleep trying to get to the highest round possible. Fieldrunners 2 takes the exact same Tower Defense concept and adds story, challenge, mystique, wonder… ok, you get the idea. It’s WAY more fun, and DEFINITELY a challenge. You think you’ve seen YouTube videos of WoW players freaking out when they ding 60? You obviously didn’t see me when I finally unlocked the Nuke tower last night.

Nate Ahearn - Marketing Manager

Playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted?by Electronic Arts

Sweet mother of mercy, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is not only the best-looking mobile game I’ve ever played, it’s also one of the most fun. Delivering a console-quality experience from my mobile phone is something few games can claim, but EA’s latest packs all the punch you’d expect from two analog sticks and face buttons. The only thing it’s missing is online multiplayer, but for only seven bucks this is one of the easiest recommendations I’ve ever made.

Also playing Curiosity?by 22 Cans

"What the hell is this game?" That’s the typical response I get when showing Peter Molyneux’s latest "greatest creation ever in history… ever" to people around the office. While his bombastic claims always fall short of their promise, there’s no denying that Curiosity is an interesting experience. Users worldwide peel away layers of the cube to reveal… what? No one knows, exactly, but only one player will get to see what the inside of the cube holds. I just hope they share it with the rest of us.

Anish Godhwani - Supper Engineer

Playing Angry Birds: Star Wars?by Rovio

"BB-ZSHOOOO" *PEW-PEW* "VVVMMMM" - That ladies and gentlemen is the sound of Luke Skywalker (formerly Red Bird) slashing his lightsaber through crates, robot junk and even piggies dressed up as Stormtroopers. Let’s be honest - we all had dreams of using the force to save Princess Leia while single-handedly defeating Darth Vader. Who cares if he was your father? Pull that sling-shot back and demolish all of those bad piggies! Angry Birds Star Wars is a MUST have game for all Star Wars geeks and Angry Birds enthusiasts.

Claire Teter - Publisher Analyst

Playing Clash of Clans?by Supercell

Clash of Clans and its farmtastic sibling Hay Day are the darlings of the mobile gaming press right now, and they’re cleaning up on the top grossing list. Despite my aversion to games involving any kind of combat (seriously, I used to play Civ II for a space race victory), I’ve gotten hopelessly addicted to Clash of Clans. The graphics and animation are top-notch, and the gameplay has great social raid-your-neighbors functionality on top of a classic city-builder core. Bonus points for allowing me to command my own army of wizards!

Nate Barker - Publisher Relations Manager

Playing No, Human?by vol-2

Space, the final frontier for hurling stuff at other stuff, creatively. If you are excited about Angry Birds: Star Wars, I invite you to an app from a long, long time ago (2010!) in a not-so-distant galaxy. This pioneering physics game pits you (the universe) against pesky humans trying to colonize space. As the humans build their feeble space homes, you obliterate them with giant rocks. As the humans get smarter and begin hiding their space abodes (spa-bodes?) in hard to reach places, the challenge becomes learning how to use different types of space matter to your advantage. This is an addictive puzzler and a very welcome break from birds and pigs.

Be sure to check back after Thanksgiving for the next installment! In the meantime, follow @Chartboost for all the latest happenings and tomfoolery.