What We're Playing #1


October 5, 2012


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This is the first installment of a bi-weekly feature we?ll be running here at Chartboost. The aim is to give everyone a look at what games we?re enjoying and maybe even turn you on to a few titles you would?ve otherwise overlooked.One thing to note: While we here at Chartboost truly do love our game developer partners and play just about every game that uses our technology, not every game you see here will be a partner title. This is what we play when we?re home from the office with our feet up on the couch looking for a bit of gaming R&R.Kenneth Bellenegger ? Architect@kobPlaying Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick

Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios, aka. ?the best game ever created.? Jetpack Joyride won a well-deserved Apple Design Award this past WWDC, which goes to show just how awesome it is. It has superb graphics, and a simple game mechanic (all you need is one finger). It can be quite challenging, and with the randomly generated power ups, it never gets stale.

Ed Williams ? Support Engineer@edzmePlaying Defender by DroidHen

I just passed level 407 and am now maxing out every stat possible. Pros: perfect one-finger game mechanic & clear leveling goals. Cons: in-app purchases don?t make sense after level 50. Free download right here.Defender 2 is out as well, but I didn?t feel like starting over from level 1.Christine Lee ? Business Development Lead, North America@thecircuscafeObsessed with Hay Day by Supercell

I?ve always been a fan of Farm-related games (Zynga?s Farmville, The PlayForge?s Zombie Farm, and of course Popcap Games? Plants vs Zombies) but Hay Day recently has me hooked ? very cool social elements, easy farming swipe-of-the-finger mechanics and very cute and animated graphics. Yep, go ahead and group me as a quintessential casual gamer; I have no shame.Also hooked on Twang the Fox by PikPok

I?m not sure why this hasn?t picked up more traction ? it?s an awesome game. I?ve seen plenty of ?rope? and ?string? types of games, but rubber bands are a new one! Every level has new game dynamics, graphics, and characters - it?s quite addicting and I hope it goes Freemium so PikPok can see more installs.Nate Ahearn ? Marketing Manager@nate_ahearnPlaying Bad Piggies by Rovio

I have to hand it to Rovio. Just when I thought I couldn?t stomach another Angry Birds game, the company took a major risk, mixed up their tried-and-true formula and put out Bad Piggies. It?s about constructing rather than destroying and players are charged with playing as the pigs instead of the flying beasts. It?s totally different than Angry Birds and is actually more akin to Casey?s Contraptions than anything else the company has put out. Well done, Rovio.

Also playing Super Monsters Ate My Condo by Adult Swim

I loved the original and this is more of the same, but in a bite-sized, more ?mobilized? form. There are now mini-objectives and time-limited rounds that do a better job of making the games easily digestible and the game evolves as you continue to play. I remember having lives that lasted more than 20 minutes with the original, so this is more conducive to a ?get in, get out? mindset. Another winner from our friends at Adult Swim.Cori Savaiano ? Publisher AnalystPlaying Solitaire Harmony by GameDuell

Really well made game that puts a spin on the classic card game. Each level gets progressively more difficult to finish individual solitaire rounds within the time restriction, and more rounds must be finished to complete a level. At the end of each level you can build up your empire (err, village) with houses, markets, etc. I don?t really know what?s going to happen when I finish all the levels, I hope there are fireworks.

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