Chartboost Chukong


July 29, 2014


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We?re Expanding Our Global Footprint & Leveling Up the Mobile Game Market In Partnership with ChukongI?m in China at ChinaJoy, one of the largest gaming conferences in the world, where we?ve just announced a very exciting partnership with Chukong. Together, we believe we will be stronger in empowering developers around the world to reach their full potential.Mobile game developers are facing very dynamic times right now: there?s fierce competition from many different directions and the entire mobile gaming market is growing rapidly. We want to be at the forefront and we have the opportunity to disrupt the current trajectory of continued fragmentation of Chinese mobile game developers by bringing power to the developers.Our strategic partnership will build a global ecosystem for Chinese developers that creates opportunities beyond anything else that currently exists. Together, we will deliver great mobile products that empower Chinese game developers to find new players and monetize their games through higher retention, increased advertising revenue, and greater transparency and control of their campaigns.Chukong will bring deep mobile game developer and local market expertise as one of China?s leading mobile entertainment platforms to the partnership, and Chartboost will bring our industry leading, mobile game specific revenue tools. We are both bringing our unique services and globally recognized brands to this initiative. Chukong has proven that it?s an engine of tools and resources for developers, helping developers throughout the entire lifecycle of app development. Chartboost understands how challenging it is to make a game and monetize it. We have been helping Chinese devs expand internationally, but by partnering with Chukong, we can leverage their knowledge to empower Chinese developers to conquer China. We will help them not only tackle their own market, but empower them to expand outside their own walls as well.We believe this is good for Chartboost. It gives us a faster path to China and it gives us a broader opportunity to bring successful monetization models to Chinese mobile game developers.We also think this is good for Chukong. It gives them a faster path to global markets. And it?s a broader opportunity for them to continue their dedication to serving game developers and giving them only the best tools for their game?s lifecycle.And last, but not least, we also believe this will be good for developers. This partnership will give them broader access to monetization opportunities across the globe and it makes it easier for them to make money and gives them access to Chartboost?s global scale.We couldn?t be more excited to call Chukong our sister company in China. Together we will help drive the future of discovery and monetization for Chinese game developers. What can I say: We both