Welcome to Playbook! A Letter to the Mobile Dev Community


March 20, 2015


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At Chartboost, our goal has always been about empowering you.Since we first launched in 2011, we have always focused squarely on mobile games and the developers who make them. As more people enter the mobile gaming sphere, monetization and promotion are more important than ever ? which is why I?m so happy to introduce our new blog: Playbook.Playbook will be your one-stop shop for the business of mobile gaming with insights from Chartboost employees, industry experts and mobile game developers like you. It's an extension of the community we've already built, and so appreciate. We?ve always been committed to an ethos of transparency ? no bullshit or buzzwords, just clear, actionable advice and open conversation ? and we?re bringing that to Playbook, as well.Come back daily and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don?t miss stories like our data-driven Power-Up reports with up-to-the-minute market trends, profiles of successful mobile game developers and straight-talking business advice from our CEO, CPO, industry experts and more.Our entire team is excited to provide another platform that will help you succeed, because you are the reason Chartboost exists. We are excited that we are now reaching 600 million unique players monthly, have surpassed 20 billion monthly game sessions, and are connecting developers every day across the globe ? from London to Seoul to Bangalore to Seattle. Thanks for joining us on this wild adventure!? NateDeveloper Evangelist