Welcome to Chartboost Engineering!




May 14, 2019


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At Chartboost, we are faced with many Engineering challenges on a daily basis. Those of you who know the complexity of advertising technology will know perfectly what we mean. For those of you who don?t, we are excited to welcome you to the new Chartboost Engineering Blog.

The goal with the blog is to give you insights into what it?s like working at a dynamic ad tech startup. We?ll deep-dive into the engineering challenges we?re facing (a lot of them!) and our learnings from the success and failures in solving them which goes beyond what?s listed below.

We work with a very diverse language stack across teams including Python, Scala, Java, PHP, Javascript, and Go.

We have an SDK that our users integrate into their mobile apps, about 300k+ apps today and growing.

We have a dashboard that publishers and advertisers use to set up campaigns.

We have machine learning to help pick the best ad to show to a user.

We have ad servers that run an auction to match the ad request with an ad from outside demand sources.

We buy programmatically on third party supply sources.

We have a data platform that produces analytics for all of our users.

We are very passionate about tackling engineering challenges in a scrappy way. We allow our developers to experiment, iterate, and ultimately, try multiple solutions to see what works best. Our motto is #GSD or ?Get Shit Done,? but in a way that provides our customers with a great experience!

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share how we manage our Scala dependencies at Chartboost!

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