Love Notes, Revealed #WeHeartDevs


February 13, 2014


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Happy Valentines Day.Ten days ago, we officially kicked off #WeHeartDevs, a project that aims to bring the game development community closer together. We invited developers around the world to express their passion for their favorite games, with the promise that we?d share their stories via Twitter and Facebook starting February 14th.Well, Cupid?s holiday is finally here, and we?re ready to reveal some of your love notes (in 140 characters or less :D)


@SlickEntInc It?s impressive to see that only two people can make such a complex and amazing game! @reverso13 @TentaculoStudio

@TheGameBakers Love #ComboCrew the beat ?em up style, ability to do combos, street fighter characters @PossumGames @jackzliu

@SpryFox great leadership, awesome games and really cool cats! Triple Town has a beautiful concept and gameplay @First5games @dclingman

@ClumsyGame The responsiveness, the attachment, the emotion! It?s incredibly to have a companion like Clumsy Ninja! @MechMocha @Arpita_Kapoor

@Simogo This is just the beginning! There will more similar games to DEVICE 6 in the future. @Kabam @roboshima

We'll be releasing more love notes over the next few weeks, and beyond. It?s never too late to share your passion for great games and amazing studios/developers, so if you haven?t yet gotten a chance to share the love, don?t worry, our #WeHeartDevs will live on through Feb and beyond. Simply fill out this form - it?ll only take a few minutes - and express your appreciation for great games.Keep up with the conversation by following us on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #WeHeartDevs. We hope that these love notes will spark connections, inspiration and creative discussion that will help you achieve your game development goals.