Weekly News Brief: May 29, 2012


May 30, 2012


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From the Chartboost news desk, here’s what happened in mobile gaming this week:

  • Windows Phone already has a 7 percent smartphone market share in China?[PocketGamer]?
  • HTML5 runs 6-10x slower on mobile devices than on modern laptops?[PocketGamer]
  • GREE’s mobile-social platform is now in open beta for developers?[Inside Mobile Apps]
  • Apple shakes up its App Store featuring with App of the Week?[TechCrunch]
  • Some mobile gaming investors are shying away from San Francisco companies due to high costs?[PocketGamer]
  • Figuring out what audience to target with your games takes some trial-and-error?[PocketGamer]
  • iOS downloads drop for the third month in a row?[TechCrunch]