Weekly News Brief: June 11, 2012


June 12, 2012


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There were big moves from big players this week, with lots of news from Apple, Facebook, EA, and GREE.

  • "As social gaming struggles to find itself in the U.S., China?s mobile social landscape is flourishing. Why? China has already been there."?[Inside Mobile Apps]
  • Facebook advertisers can now choose to display sponsored stories only on mobile?[Inside Mobile Apps]
  • Civilization and Pirates! coming to GREE’s platform?[Inside Mobile Apps]
  • Kindle Fire seeing higher click-through rates on ads than iPad?[PocketGamer]
  • Facebook launches its mobile App Center?[TechCrunch]
  • Does Apple have a UDID replacement in the works??[PocketGamer]
  • EA switching its focus to freemium on mobile?[PocketGamer]
  • Apple announces $5 billion paid to app developers?[PocketGamer]
  • iOS 6 announced, and the beta is here! [Mashable]