Weekend Reads #2


June 16, 2012


min read

From the engineering ministery, it’s time for the second issue of Weekend Reads. Here are the most interesting hacker articles of the week:

  • I grew up playing Civilization 2, so this article is all that much more nostalgic to me. This guy started a game ten years ago, and didn’t give up. He’s been playing it ever since, and in this post reports on the simulated evolution of civilization. Spoiler: it’s not an utopia. reddit.com
  • This article contains details on how hashing algorithms (like MD5 and SHA1) actually work, and a property which make them unsuitable for certain use cases. I learnt something new. jcoglan.com
  • Put away your screen and read this. Tmux is better in every way, including the major benefit of not having been written by Richard Stallman and his horde of software-terrorists. This article is a nice tutorial and introduction of tmux, which is an invaluable tool if you spend any time looking at a terminal. hawkhost.com