Weekend Reads #4


July 21, 2012


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Vim is amazing. Watching a programmer who really knows vim do his thing is like watching a concert pianist performing an insanely hard piece flawlessly. Vim also has a very long learning curve, and you learn new things and become more adept every day, until one day, you’re a concert pianist.


A fantastic piece about what it feels like to visit India. Must read.


Datomic is a forward-thinking database designed by Rich Hickey, the inventor or Clojure. While it’s not something I would want to use, it does bring up some very interesting new concepts and ideas:


Speaking of Clojure? In my humble opinion, its biggest flaw of Clojure, is its basis as a language running on top of the Java virtual machine. So imagine my excitement when I discovered this: (* Note: this is not ready, but it’s a solid start and I really hope it pans out.)


From the UX department: signing in is a well-known concept in the technology world, but what should you title your links?


If you’ve ever used curl from the command line, you’re going to love me for this link:


Getting in-depth about HTTPS; I was surprised by how even a benign HTTP->HTTPS redirection could leave a massive security vulnerability open for unscrupulous souls to exploit. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for us to double-down on SSL.