Video V2: The Best Way for Mobile Game Devs to Maximize Revenue

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October 29, 2015


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We?re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help devs grow their mobile games business, which is why we?re excited to announce Video V2?the best way for mobile game devs to maximize revenue.

Make an Entrance. Enhance Revenue.

The next generation of mobile video ads takes advantage of an entirely new cinematic opening sequence, which visualizes the matchmaking process between the world?s best mobile game advertisers and highly engaged players. By matching the right mobile game with the right player, each video feels less like an ad and more like a curated recommendation. Among our beta partners, Video V2 increased eCPMs by 10 percent or more.Starting today, we?re rolling out Video V2?s opening sequence feature to anyone who integrates SDK 6 and fills out this form. We plan to roll out this specific feature in phases over the coming weeks, but the rest of Video V2?s features highlighted below are available right now as part of SDK 6.

Greater User Experience

The best way to engage mobile game players just got better. We completely rebuilt the beginning, middle and end of the mobile video ad experience from the ground up.Title and end cards for rewarded video have been beautifully recreated to include imagery and information of the awarded IAP content. And each end card for both interstitial and rewarded video includes a gorgeous, 100% viewable interstitial.[caption id="attachment_11141" align="aligncenter" width="900"]


Exciting new cinematic opening sequences[/caption]

Convey Quality

We added even more to your mobile video ad experience. An all-new overlay is built to bring out the best in your mobile video ads, showcasing your mobile game?s name, icon and star rating. Now you can seamlessly communicate your mobile game?s quality to players.

Find Your SDK in 4 Different Platforms

Experience all of the new enhancements to mobile video ads with the easy-to-integrate Chartboost SDK 6 for your platform of choice, including iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air (plugin). Upgrade now to start growing your mobile games business today.