Video: Groups for Direct Deals

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June 25, 2013


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Exciting new developments are rolling out of Chartboost HQ! With the reveal of our new Groups feature on Thursday, and sharp new updates to the Direct Deals Marketplace, it?s now easier than ever for game devs to connect and reach their monetization and app discovery goals.If you?re a game dev new to Direct Deals, here?s a quick recap:You set the terms.?Direct Deals empowers you to negotiate, buy and sell ad traffic with other developers using the Chartboost platform, free.You keep the revenue.?Because you work directly with another developer and there is no middleman, both parties keep 100% of what you generate from your deal. If you choose, we can process your payments for a 10% charge.You have complete transparency.?You know exactly which other apps you are doing business with and have visibility on all critical metrics.The addition of our new Groups feature means?you can now connect with like-minded developers?- perhaps you share similar apps or interests - ?by forming your own unique networks to facilitate transactions.Check out our video walkthrough, which contains tips on how to browse Groups, create a new Group, and connect with other developers using Groups.

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