Unleash the ad monetization opportunities on Amazon Appstore


November 7, 2019


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How to monetize with ads on Amazon Appstore

In 2011, Amazon launched its Appstore, a competitor to Google Play. While Amazon later released its Android-based devices ? a Fire phone and tablet ? without much success, the Amazon Appstore, which is itself an app that users install on their Android devices, has maintained a strong niche audience. In this post, we?ll cover the basics of the Amazon Appstore, why it?s a worthwhile time investment, and what the monetization opportunities are on the platform.

Amazon Appstore is a significant marketplace

There are about 75,000 developers on the Amazon Appstore, according to App Annie (in comparison with iOS App Store?s 500,000 or Google Play?s 968,000). The store has almost half a million apps available for download. Besides being available on Android devices, Amazon Appstore is also available on Amazon devices like Kindle Fire tablets as well as the Fire TV and Fire Phone.While smaller than its two major competitors, the Appstore is still an important publishing platform for several reasons. First, the stiff competition on the larger stores is less of a factor for Amazon. With fewer publishers, Amazon?s Appstore offers more opportunities to stand out. Second, the Appstore is easy to launch on ? it?s very similar to Google Play ? and offers similar terms to its competitors, such as a 70 / 30 revenue split.The Appstore has a solid user base. According to Amazon, 65 percent of developers surveyed reported similar or better revenue to other app stores on the platform, and a similar percentage said that the store provided access to new audiences.If you have an app that runs on Android already, the process to get it on the Amazon Appstore is pretty straightforward. You can find detailed steps in their Developer?s guide to the Amazon Appstore on their website here.[caption id="attachment_32451" align="aligncenter" width="723"]

Developer?s guide to the Amazon Appstore[/caption]

Ad monetization on Amazon Appstore with Chartboost

A growing number of publishers on the Appstore are now monetizing with ads. Many of them work with Chartboost, which is one of the very few partners in the Amazon Appstore that provides publishers with significant ad revenue. Currently, interstitial placements represent 76 percent of ads shown by Chartboost, while rewarded placements are 24 percent.The trend of ad-powered games in the Appstore is boosted by high eCPMs across genres where our advertisers have found high-quality users from. Another fact that make the Appstore users attractive and high-quality is that 35 percent of them are millennials, according to ERS IT Solutions, the highest proportion of young users among all the stores.?Ads in the Appstore can be a significant source of revenue.? Three game genres ? casino, role-playing, and educational games ? have a particularly high effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) on the Amazon Appstore:

Amazon Appstore eCPM

The above eCPMs is a great sign for ad-supported games since higher eCPMs result in larger paychecks. For Chinese mobile game publisher Avid.ly, their biggest and most important partner on Amazon Appstore is Chartboost, expressed by Xie Feng, co-founder of Avid.ly in a video interview with Chartboost.

Avid.ly quote

Amazon rarely talks about the Appstore, but that doesn?t mean it has been ignoring the channel. It has put significant effort toward finding ways to promote apps and reward developers over the years. Getting started with ad monetization on Amazon with Chartboost is as easy as registering for an account here and integrating the SDK.