Triwin improved ROAS up to 440% with Chartboost

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October 23, 2019


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The Challenge

  • Difficult to acquire quality users while maximizing advertising ROAS with reach and scale.

The Solution

Using a combination of Chartboost?s long history with social casino coupled with Triwin?s data, the Chartboost team executed campaigns using rewarded ad creatives for Triwin?s largest title Tycoon Casino - Vegas Slots. Being that Chartboost is one of the only partners in the ecosystem that has access to all major platforms including iOS, Android and Amazon, the team effectively enabled maximum reach globally for Triwin, resulting in high-quality UA from top tier countries.Chartboost executed campaigns programmatically across iOS and Android using sophisticated targeting capabilities on the device level. The strategy was also coupled with using Flexbid (Chartboost?s proprietary targeting feature) across Amazon inventory, enabling Triwin with granular tools to optimize towards high-value users.

The Results

"We needed efficient buying and scale to reach our ROAS goal, where Chartboost is the most suitable platform to help us with these challenges. Chartboost has become an essential in-app monetization and advertising platform for us with trust and transparency. Every setup has been very easy and the Chartboost team is extremely helpful and patient in answering any questions with the fastest response time."? Edwin Hsu, CEO & Founder, Triwin Games

In only a month of setting up campaigns for each platform, Triwin was able to reach their ad spend target and boost their ROAS up to +440% on iOS, +400% on Android and +140% on Amazon. With Chartboost, Triwin was able to address its challenges of maximizing ROAS while reaching scale in acquiring high-quality users.

Triwin Results

About Triwin

Triwin, a social casino mobile game publisher that was founded in January 2018 have in less than a year released three titles and grown to a team of 40 people based out of Shenzhen in China. Their biggest social casino app is Tycoon Casino?: Free Vegas Jackpot Slots with a total of 6 million downloads, 450,000 DAU and 2.2 million MAU.Download the case study as a pdf here.