Track (Post-Install Analytics), Maximize (Retargeting) & Communicate (Newsfeed)

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June 10, 2014


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We?re expanding our platform with three new beta products aimed at helping mobile game developers monetize through deeper player insights and better communication. Let?s dig a little deeper into each:


Post-Install Analytics & Retargeting


As the cost of acquiring a player continues to rise, developers are increasingly becoming more reliant on boosting the value of existing players. By using a fresh new set of data pulled in by our Post-Install Analytics (PIA), developers will be able to understand more about their existing players? habits inside of the game--in other words, understand where their most valuable players come from, tracked back to the Chartboost campaign that delivered them. Know where to allocate more resources to get their players to ?stay and play.? PIA shows developers how engaged their players are and how they?re monetizing--by improving these key levers that PIA provides, developers can make their games much more profitable.


PIA tracks player bootups, session length and in-app purchases, analyzing how often and how long players are in the game, who is a paying customer, and their in-app purchase behavior. This data is presented in Custom Reports that give developers control of the data they want to receive in their desired format including:


  • In-app purchase revenue
  • Average revenue per user
  • One to seven day retention
  • Average session length


PIA & Retargeting Help You Find The Right Players


Now take the wealth of data provided by PIA and build off of that with Retargeting, which empowers developers to build relationships (with their players) with long-term growth opportunity. Developers need to look at how behavioral analytics can help them understand when players leave the game and how to get them back. Developers should understand that all players are not the same through PIA, and use that knowledge to their advantage to build long-term engagement. It allows them to maximize the value and ROI of their campaigns by creating dynamic players segments, targeting players who installed the game based on their playing and payer behavior. These players are more likely to re-engage with the game or be converted into paying players because they already have the game installed or because of the ability to create player segments based on playing and payer behavior. ?Retargeting is comprised of the following features and benefits that will allow an advertiser to target their existing players for re-engagement and monetization:


Features & Benefits


  • Tracking & Segmentation - Track and create custom player segments based on player behavior in the game:
  • Bootups (frequency, last login, install date)
  • Session length (average length)
  • IAP (total spent, spent per purchase, number of purchases)
  • Targeting - Target specific player segments who have previously installed the game and by device list for higher retention, re-engagement and/or monetization.
  • Deep Linking - Leverage deep linking support to direct players to a specific location in the game.
  • Quality - Receive higher quality re-engagement through the largest mobile gaming-only platform.




We decided to build Newsfeed directly based on the feedback we?ve been getting from our partners, and it?s not just any Newsfeed--it?s one that?s built specifically for the game developer (as are all of our products). Newsfeed is an in-game messaging tool that allows game developers to engage and retain their players through real-time communication, or ?stories.? Newsfeed helps developers generate awareness and interest in updates, new features, and promotions, and scores over existing solutions like push messages that players tend to dismiss and forget, by showing messages both in a slide-in banner and a persistent feed. Additionally, it can serve as a cross-promotional tool that drives players to other games in their portfolio.


Newsfeed supports rich messages that include images, text and calls-to-action, and provides click through rate analytics for each story. It also provides stories with an optional countdown timer allowing developers to build excitement and a sense of urgency around in-game events like limited time offers.


Features & Benefits


  • Customization - Developers have the option to build and manage their own fully customizable UI.
  • Dynamic Messaging - Include an image, title and body text, countdown timers and links, including in-game slide-in banner to alert players instantly.
  • Access & Control - Player-specific options to control how many times and how often a message is shown, supported by transparent analytics to capture CTR and unique clicks.
  • Simplicity - Easy-to-use Dashboard message creator to draft, update and send messages to the Newsfeed.


Newsfeed Lets You Tell Your Stories


How do you get in on all this goodness?


The Post-Install Analytics beta is free and available today via SDK 4.5 for iOS and SDK 4.1 for Android. For more information on the Post-Install Analytics beta visit its product page.


Retargeting will run on a cost per click basis and will be available later this month to advertisers who update to the latest SDK and sign up for early access. For more information on the Retargeting beta visit it?s product page.


Newsfeed beta is free and available today via SDK 4.5 for iOS with Android support coming soon. For more information on Newsfeed, visit its beta product page.