Top Video Creatives November 2015

Insights & Best Practices

November 12, 2015


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Howdy everyone! In an effort to give you the lead on the best techniques mobile game ads, we?ve scoured our network for the best examples of in game video advertising. These ads are great at selling both the game and maintaining audience engagement (determined by completion rate). Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of trends to glean from so catch our in-depth analysis here:

Want to take a closer look at each video? We?re happy to oblige:Game: Band Stars (iOS, GooglePlay, Amazon)Developer: Halfbrick

Key Features:

  1. Upbeat, exciting music keeps excitement levels high while the genre is universally likeable and does not alienate players based on taste.
  2. References to pop-culture (without being obtuse) are subtle in-jokes for players to enjoy.
  3. Ad copy sells both the game features and ?the dream.? Players (like all consumers) connect best with emotion, so play to the reason people engage with content.

Game: Cookie Jam (iOS, GooglePlay, Amazon)Developer: SGN

Key Features:

  1. Displaying the game in-device contextualizes the product, reminding viewers that the game is only a few taps away.
  2. Touting awards lends klout to the title, ensuring the title is of high quality.
  3. Landing pages featuring game screens help players imagine they are already in the game, reducing the psychological barrier to downloading.

Game: Cooking Fever (iOS, GooglePlay, Amazon)Developer: Nordcurrent

Key Features:

  1. Fullscreen gameplay ensures players understands the awesome components of the game
  2. Introduction of unique character art keeps game human and relatable
  3. Voice-over audio challenges players without being confrontational (?Be the best chef in town!?)
  4. Images of delicious food give the writer of this blog the munchies.

Game: Jurassic World: The Game (iOS, GooglePlay, Amazon)Developer: Ludia

Key Features:

  1. Real gameplay (notice a trend?) ensure the right players are finding your game
  2. Cinematic visuals add narrative and sense of grandeur - key to establishing a deeper universe
  3. Touts new features - extremely useful if you are doing retargeting/re-engagement campaigns