Top Creatives March 2014

Insights & Best Practices

April 10, 2014


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We believe that a good creative should attract the player's interest to get a click, but that it should never deceive or confuse the player about the type of game they're clicking to play. A common denominator we see across all top performing creatives is that the player has a very clear understanding of the type of game portrayed to them. There are a few common ways that creatives are able to do this - successful creatives often portray the in-game mechanics or show off some of the main characters.Top creatives share some common themes, including:

  • Properly depicting gameplay
  • Localizing creative when appropriate
  • Mentioning it's "Free" or "Free Today"
  • Using higher resolution and properly sized creative
  • Using one central focal point, such as a characterThis month, we're focusing our analysis on Europe where we looked at top targeted countries to show some of the more successful creative assets on our Network.