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August 15, 2014


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If you?ve been watching the mobile games headlines in the last month, you?ve undoubtedly heard about the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood by Glu Games. Going beyond the headlines and into the Chartboost Network, there?s a lot of interest in fashion & lifestyle games driving solid CTR rates and, for the top performers, great impression-to-install conversion.Let?s look at the creatives driving success and identify the best qualities to consider.Strike a PoseWith the focus on fashion and a luxurious lifestyle, it?s important to make sure your creatives look the part. Choosing clear images that make a strong impression up front quickly conveys to potential players what the focus of your game is. Putting a fashionable avatar front and center reinforces the focus, and adding in accessories to indicate the "dress-up" facet will help complete the gameplay story.

Fashion Salon
Covet Fashion

Focus on EngagementWhere possible, setting an expectation of what the gameplay is going to be like is very helpful in encouraging interested players to click-through the ad and install your game. Showing the choices players have for makeup, clothing, and in game interactions helps players anticipate what they might be doing once the game is installed.

Episode: Choose Your Story

This creative from Episode: Choose Your Story is a great example of showcasing gameplay. Players who view this ad feel like they?re in the game and are able to decide what the character should do to end her date. This increases the odds of engagement that will take a player through to the App Store landing page.Be BoldThe fashion lifestyle is all about making a strong statement to the world. If your game focuses on looking good and living a luxurious lifestyle, don?t be afraid to put a strong creative asset forward. Take this extreme example from Princess Shaving Salon for example:

Princess Shaving Salon

When this ad surfaces in an interstitial, it?s very hard to ignore and close. The image is striking, and not what one expects from a fashion game. The inclusion of eye drops, wax, blemishes, etc. do a lot to imply the gameplay one can expect if they install. Looking your best and being a fashion diva is hard work so showing that part of your gameplay is a great way to make potential players stop, notice, and then move to the install to help this poor girl out!Back it Up in the StoresIt?s important to stress that your landing page on the App Store and Android need to back up the message your advertisement is sending. The games on our Network with the best install rate make a clear connection between the ad and what you see as you open the marketplace.You want to be sure your players aren?t receiving a confusing message about the game so make sure your store reinforces the key elements of your advertisements. Confusion can quickly become disinterest and be the difference between a good CTR and IR.The Open Field on AndroidThe creatives driving success for fashion & lifestyle games on Chartboost primarily focus on iOS installs. While this speaks to the strength of the demographic interest on iOS, it also implies that the Android is underserved in this area, creating an opportunity to take a positional lead in the market.If you want to explore this difference, you can test campaigns that perform well on iOS in the same categories on Android, and compare effectiveness.Get the games featured in this article:Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (Amazon, Android, App Store)Fashion Salon: (Amazon, Android, App Store)Covet Fashion (Amazon, Android, App Store)Episode - Choose Your Story (Amazon, Android, App Store)Princess Shaving Salon (App Store)