Top Chartboost Creatives, December 2012

Insights & Best Practices

December 29, 2012


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There?s one question just about every game developer asks us when discussing how to succeed in the Chartboost network, and that is: ?What makes an effective interstitial that will attract users?? While there?s no hard and fast science, we thought it would be helpful if we highlighted some of the best-performing (highest click-through rates) interstitials on our network each month and provided some insight into why we think users liked them.Each of these creatives had a click-through-rate of at least 27% in our network for the month of December.

*The picture above is not a Chartboost creative. It is, however, American Gothic by Grant Wood.Without further adieu, here are the top three creatives (click the images to view larger versions) for December 2012:

Jumping Finn on iOS

Street Fighter X Tekken on iOS

Campus Life on iOS

If you have any questions on creating effective creatives, feel free to reach out to See you next year (month) and Happy New Year!Check out past installments for more information:Top Chartboost Creatives: October 2012Top Chartboost Creatives: November 2012