Chartboost exceeds Forever9s ROAS goal by 102%


January 7, 2022


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Forever9 is an innovative casual social game studio based in Shenzhen, China. Its top title, Holdem or Foldem, ranked as the number one card game in the US on Google Play, and among the top three casino games in the US on iOS, as of June 2021.


Programmatic buying solutions had caught Forever9s attention: the company aimed to automate more of its processes, saving on operations time. Additionally, Holdem or Foldem was already widely played within its core audience, so Forever9 hoped to find new audiences and user acquisition channels.


Based on Chartboosts work with similar mobile games, Forever9 decided to try Chartboost DSP. The Chartboost team launched the first test campaigns for Holdem or Foldem in August 2021, with Forever9 providing KPI goals, attribution data and its best performing creatives.Within two weeks, Chartboost achieved the day 7 ROAS goal provided by Forever9. With its initial success in hand, the company set a new, higher ROAS goal, a new set of tier 1 countries to target, and a flexible spending limit. Chartboost DSP allowed this process to be almost entirely automated, identifying valuable user groups and matching those users with the right ads.


Between August and October 2021, the Chartboost DSP exceeded Holdem or Foldems day 7 ROAS goals by 102%, and increased ad spend by 300%.

Chartboost has always exceeded our advertising goals, making them a trustworthy partner. We appreciate that the team always communicates clearly and promptly.

-- Mia, UA manager at Forever9