The Wait Is Over - Video & InPlay Are Here

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March 10, 2014


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It?s a big day for us. We?re always listening to you, our developers, and we couldn?t be more excited to let you know that the wait is over.

Today, we?re launching two new ad units - Video and InPlay, our native in-game mobile offering. Both will provide you with free technology to use in Cross-Promotion or our Direct Deals Marketplace so you can introduce new content to your players in a more customized and engaging way. And don?t worry, we know how much you appreciate the full transparency and control we give you over your campaigns? data, so nothing changes for these new platform formats -- we continue to break open the ?black boxes? of mobile to empower you to be as successful as you can be.

Chartboost Video

We?re bringing you the industry?s first free and games-only video technology for developers to use in Cross-Promotion and Direct Deals. We?re launching with Rewarded Video (not to be confused with incentivized), on a Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) basis, giving players the option to watch a video to earn virtual currency or in-game items. Just like the customization you?re used to for our Interstitials, you?ll get the same options to use custom frames that match the look and feel of your game for the native user experience.


We?ve been quietly testing InPlay with a couple of very select partners, like Supercell and ZeptoLab, and are ready to roll this out in a bigger way. InPlay is meant to be a high-touch, super customizable layer that allows you to create beautiful and engaging promotional experiences for your players. I like to think of it as a natural extension to your game where you can get creative with the art and design, to incorporate Chartboost flexibility anywhere in your game. You can see an example in the image below where Clash of Clans is being promoted in Hay Day?s newspaper where you can get in-game items - fitting seamlessly within the game game experience. This is just one example, but hopefully it gives you a sense of how integrated and uninterrupted the experience can be.

We do want to stress that our InPlay format is specifically designed for studios with large creative teams who can dedicate the time and resources to make this seamless transition a really great one. We?ll provide select partners who qualify, with an easy API with app names, icons and store URLs, and you?ll have the freedom to create an amazing experience for your players.

Video and InPlay are available today in closed beta. Head back to our homepage to find out more and apply. Additional information can be found in the Video FAQ and InPlay FAQ.