The Unified Auction Manifesto



Product Updates

March 14, 2019


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The main AdTech players have leveraged their powers to maintain a black box of advertising technology. Data is hidden, terms are opaque, the playing field is completely unleveled. This isn?t just bad for the smaller players in the space, it?s bad for the health of the entire industry.It?s time for a change!

True Auction per Impression

We believe in true auctions per impression, with fair competition and with no hidden maneuvers. We advocate for 1st price auctions with hard bids, so that both advertisers and publishers easily know what?s at stake.

Open Ecosystems

We believe in open ecosystems, that aggregate value from demand partners without exclusion and delivers the best monetization for app developers. We believe in open source, and love the power of the community to make better products.

Data Visibility

We believe in advertisers having visibility into ad metrics, costs, and data to be able to bid effectively and calculate their return. We believe in clear terms, clear outcomes, and relationships built on trust.Improved Publisher ExperienceWe believe in publishers having top tier experiences for their users, clear revenue shares and transparent analytics.This is why the Helium In-App Unified Auction is here. Elevate Performance and Transparency with Helium!Request a Beta invite or become a demand partner by contacting us at