The huge opportunity of ad-based games - Christian Calderon, Ketchapp

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April 12, 2019


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Christian Calderon recently founded his own mobile game studio Gamejam after three years at Ketchapp as their Chief Revenue Officer and continues to work as an Advisor. Ketchapp is one of the top five hyper-casual publishers in the world today and was acquired by Ubisoft in 2016.Christian is extremely passionate about mobile games and in this video he explains why ad-based games is a huge opportunity for mobile game developers. Also, read our customer story with Ketchapp on how Chartboost boosted their CPM by 98% here![embed][/embed]If you rather read than watch the video, we got you covered. ??In 2017, Ketchapp and Voodoo made up the top 5 and 6 publishers all over the world in terms of downloads. This marked a huge tectonic shift. These two companies made up 50% of all arcade downloads all over the world. In the same year, we think that mobile advertising or revenue from mobile advertising from games actually surpassed revenue from in-app purchases.This has just created this amazing large opportunity for developers who are making games that want to make their games for everyone can monetize with ads in addition to monetizing them with in-app purchases.Having worked with both types of game, before Ketchapp I was at Dots, our games used both in-app purchases and ads. If I look at and measure the ARPDAU level of ads and in-app purchases back then compared to the ARPDAU level of ads and in-app purchases now, ad revenue on a per unit economic basis has grown so much over the last four years.I think that has created such an interesting opportunity for developers all over the world to create these types of games. That is why I love this business. Chartboost being one of the first players in this space has the capabilities to both grow and monetize your game all over the world.Interested in being featured in our Dev Spotlight Series? Fill out this form here!If you want to learn more about ad-based games, check out our previous blog post Simple, Ad-Supported Games Are Topping the Charts.