The Golden (Advertising) Opportunity: Asia - Part 2

Insights & Best Practices

July 16, 2014


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In Part 1 of this series, we made a pretty compelling argument why developers should take a closer look at SEA, China and India as huge market opportunities, but allocating budget is only half the battle. The other half lies in being smart about how to optimize your campaigns for success, which is why we?re going to take a stroll down ?Best Practices? memory lane, that work in all geos, but particularly well in these countries.


Great Creatives


If you?re looking at running test campaigns in these markets, you should know that English creatives do actually perform well. That said, most advertisers have had improved performance by localizing their creatives. Here are a couple of top creative examples:


Top Creative on iOS in China

(Top Creative on iOS in China)

Top Creative on iOS in Singapore

(Top Creative on iOS in Singapore)


Top Creative on Android in Indonesia

(Top Creative on Android in Indonesia)


Top Creative on Android in India

(Top Creative on Android in India)


Checkout our previous blogpost where we went further into top creatives and best practices for Brazil, Russia, India and China.


Pay Attention to Install Rates


Compared to the markets in which you?re more experienced, your creatives may outperform on Click-Thru Rate (CTR) but underperform on Install Rate (IR). There are some proven ways to improve IRs. Advertisers and publishers can use Category Inclusion targeting to run ads within similar game categories. Advertisers and publishers can also run Group by App Optimizations to help find the publishers delivering the worst IRs. The most recommended way for improving performance (because it doesn?t reduce potential audience size) is to optimize creatives based on the optimal mix of CTR and IR.


Size & Speed Matter


The countries that many of our advertisers call home have some of the best internet speeds in the world. This is often not the case in SEA, China or India. Mobile and broadband data speeds and costs for users could reduce the likelihood of the user installing after the click, negatively impacting IR (iOS advertisers on Chartboost have the option of targeting and can use the ?Wifi Only? targeting in these countries). Prior to running campaigns in these countries, do some quick research on broadband and mobile internet speeds. You might find, for instance that mobile and broadband speeds are comparable in the Philippines. Here is a great resource.


Not sure where to start?

  1. Create multiple country and device-specific campaign targets. Performance often varies by Device Model and Country. Creating separate targets can prevent you from bidding too much or too little. For example you don?t want poor performance on iPhone in China to impact your performance on iPad in SEA.
  2. Use Bid Assist. Our newly launched Bid Assist can help any advertiser find a great starting point for new campaigns.
  3. Target the correct OS. Use the growth rates and share of game sessions by platform that we provided in the visuals above to decide on a budget. You?ll notice that 88.42% of Singapore?s Chartboost game sessions occurred on iOS while 88.55% of game sessions in Indonesia occurred on Android devices.