The Chartboost Best Practices Playbook

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March 3, 2014


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Over the past three years, we have been releasing blog posts to help game developers learn how to use Chartboost?s products to their fullest potential. Because we receive requests for this information, we decided to consolidate everything for you! Now you can focus on developing the best games, while we focus on helping you build the best business.Last Updated: 3/17/2014


CPI Insights: Every month we are updating our CPI trends by country by platform, be sure to check out the latest data plotted on a nice map on our Chartboost Insights page.Cross Promo: Already have a game with some active players? Have a new game coming out? Use our free cross promotional tool so that you can notify your audience in the current game about your newly released game.Soft Launching: Did you quietly launch in Canada or Denmark, and found it difficult to get more traffic? Are you ready to launch but have a few more questions that need to be answered? Take a look at some of our cost efficient alternative suggestions.Targeting: Is your game only live in certain countries or on a limited range of devices? Want to target the users that are earning you the most money? Ready, set, target!Creatives: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Are your creatives worth a thousand installs? Come get creative with creatives!

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