That?s a Wrap! A Look Back at our 2018 Milestones.


December 21, 2018


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It?s that time of the year again? a time to reflect on and be proud of everything we?ve achieved in the past 12 months.What a year 2018 has been! In retrospect, there are two themes that summarize 2018: the reinforced support to our developer community and the transition to programmatic.

Two new offices to support our global developer community

We started the year with the strategic decision of moving our China team to China. Yes, we know it sounds obvious but, while we?ve had a team dedicated to our Chinese partners for a long time now, they were all based out of San Francisco until March this year.Within few months, we?ve built out a great sales and account management team in Beijing that supports existing partners and build new relationships on the ground. Since China is the number one market by mobile app revenue we are very excited to be closer to our partners and help them be more successful!We also expanded our engineering team by opening a new development office in Barcelona. We quickly hired a core team there that is already making a big impact on some key pillars of the Chartboost platform. Starting in January, we are going to have a brand new office in the center of Barcelona and are actively looking for mobile, full-stack and data engineers there. Referrals are always welcome!

Our transformation to programmatic: a growing Exchange and a brand new DSP

In 2017, the most significant milestone was the launch of the Chartboost Exchange. Our mission has always been to empower developers to build successful mobile businesses with their app creations. The launch of the Exchange meant that we could combine Chartboost network advertising campaigns with third-party RTB demand, making publishers? inventory more competitive and earning them higher revenue. Our demand partners such as Aarki have seen outstanding ROI in their campaigns on the Chartboost Exchange.We?re excited to see the number of mobile programmatic partnerships grow month over month. Through them, we have access to stronger and more diverse demand that includes travel, food delivery, transportation, and other consumer brands. OpenX, AppNexus, Dynalist, and are just some of the new bidders in the Chartboost Exchange. We welcome them to the Chartboost ecosystem!In 2018, the biggest milestone for us has been the launch and scaling of our internal DSP: the Chartboost Bidder. With a core internal team, we?ve built tools for advertisers to buy programmatically in our own Exchange as well as 3rd party exchanges, leveraging the power of our mobile data and machine learning algorithms. We have successfully onboarded over a dozen gaming advertisers to the Bidder, achieving great ROAS and scale for them. The Bidder team is improving our targeting and user segmentation every day to make our bidder more effective across app categories.Programmatic buying will continue being a key priority for Chartboost throughout 2019. Early next year, we are going to announce some exciting news regarding our SDK and how we optimize the inventory of our publishers to help them make more money. We are going to continue building one of the leading in-app programmatic advertising platforms.

We are excited to continue growing with you in 2019

All this would be pointless without our developer community. We are honored to work with over 300,000 apps from every corner of the world, created by amazing talent that continuously trusts our technology and team.We wish you all Happy Holidays and a very successful 2019!The Chartboost Team