Thank You to our Mobile Developer Community


March 3, 2015


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Dear Developers,Welcome to GDC 2015! This is the conference that, for all of us in games, kicks off the year. We?d like to take this opportunity to celebrate our incredible mobile gaming community. For the last 4 years, we?ve grown day by day with all of you, and we wouldn?t be here today without your support.Today, we are announcing that the Chartboost network of players has reached a new milestone: together, all of you are reaching 600 MILLION unique players monthly and generate over 20 billion game sessions every month. We are honored to be powering all that gameplay and providing a platform to make a business out of your game. Thanks to each of you, and the 150,000+ games that you have built and integrated with our platform. Watch this video about our awesome developer community.

Now it's time to celebrate ? with bacon!For all of you at GDC in San Francisco this week, we are celebrating this milestone with a ?bring home the bacon? campaign that represents our passion for building technology to increase your revenues. We are giving away over 9,000 pieces of bacon in the shape of bacon burgers, bacon mac n?cheese, chocolate covered bacon and other bacon surprises. Come join us starting Wednesday at the food trucks in front of Moscone! A HUGE thank you to our entire mobile developer community! We?re grateful to you for developing amazing games, building thriving businesses and creating a world of play.Sean & Maria, co-founders