Talking the future of ad monetization at WN Conference Istanbul

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July 18, 2023


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Mobile adtech is an ocean of the unknown. Year after year of change gives even the most grizzled industry veteran gray hairs. IDFA deprecation, the aftermath of COVID, and recessionary conditions are just a few of the waves that have crashed into the hull of the mobile ad monetization ship in recent months.

Chartboost's Ashkhen Minasyan led a panel at WN Conference Istanbul 2023 to help make sense of it all: what we've been through, how it is affecting monetization strategies now, and the ways major publishers are navigating a foggy future.

Watch the entire talk as Bogdan Džaković, Ad Monetization Manager at Nordeus; Yücel Çetin, Head of Strategic Integrations & Monetization at Rollic Games; and Sofia Gilyazova, Head of Monetization at Socialpoint, share which trends are on their radar, how they're cracking the code to deliver the best user experience, and much more.

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