Take the Guesswork Out With Bid Assist

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May 22, 2014


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Back in February, we introduced Audience Size Indicator to help you visualize the reach of your campaigns based on your targeting choices. Since then, we?ve gotten some really positive feedback that ASI has led to more efficient campaign targeting, which is why we?re helping you take one more step towards smarter targeting with Bid Assist. No more ?bidding blindfold? -- Bid Assist takes the guesswork out of what bid you should place using our proprietary algorithm tailored around your specific campaign. No templatized or general suggestions given here!



We?ve been quietly testing Bid Assist with a few select partners, and Fantasy Fish, a game development studio in China, had this to say:


"Bid Assist ????????????????????????????????????????campaign?? Bid Assist ??????????????????????????."


Or translated..."Bid Assist is very useful when exploring new user acquisition channels in new countries and new OS. For existing campaigns, we also use Bid Assist to estimate the competitiveness of the market and adjust our bids accordingly, to get more traffic."


The algorithm that powers Bid Assist factors in a number of targeting parameters including platform, country, company, app, category, and connectivity. It also takes into account any historical data the campaign may have, to provide a range that?s specifically tailored to your campaign. You can see this if you compare a couple of advertising campaigns you?ve run on Chartboost--you?ll see that Bid Assist provides different ranges because it?s taking into account data that?s unique to each of those campaign.


If your campaign doesn?t yet have any historical data, the bid range shown will be based on your targeting selections and will re-adjust based on your campaign?s performance.


Of course you don?t have to choose a bid in this range, but at least you now have a quick guide to pick a bid that will help you garner more impressions. Note that Bid Assist is not a predictor of conversions because (as always) your campaign?s performance will be dependent on a number of other factors such as CTR, IR and competition in your targeting and filtering parameters.


In a nutshell, use the Audience Size Indicator (that processes billions of user sessions in real-time), determine which markets will give you the best results, and now get recommendations on the right bid to place for that specific campaign with Bid Assist.


Check out the Bid Assist FAQ for further details or hit us up at support@chartboost.com if you have any questions.