Suggestions for publishers to improve the user experience


November 30, 2011


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Here are just some recommendations on how to customize your frame to make the interstitials belong to your game:


- Add a game element to the frame. Use your main character in one of the corners.

- Don;t make it 100% full screen, add a layer of transparency around the frame to keep the connection with the game.

- Customize your message: Use “Latest News!” or “Check out these free games!” or any message that connects you with the user.

Location and Frequency:

- Benefits of boot up: you get more volume, and it doesn’t interrupt the user in mid-game. It’s perceived as a “latest news” announcement and less like an ad.

- Post-game: if your game has levels, it might be a good idea to test out an interstitial every 3-5 levels.

- “More games” button: user generated queries usually perform great. You can locate an interstitial behind a button or use our “more games page” product.

- If you are concerned about the frequency, try limiting ads to one per day or 1 per hour and 3 per day. Also, take a look at your analytics and filter out apps that don’t perform well because your users are probably not interested in them. You?ll increase your revenues by not wasting the ad space.

Here are our suggestions for today! If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at