Strong iPhone & iPad CPI Growth in May

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June 12, 2014


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The Chartboost Network saw solid CPI lift in May for all device types, with a lot of activity across various countries. Some countries had spectacular growth...


Average Cost Per Install By Month


iOS CPIsAll three iOS device types showed gains in average CPIs on the Chartboost Network. The strongest rate of growth was on the iPhone, closely followed by the iPad. Keeping this in mind can be helpful as you plan the next stages of your iOS apps.


    CPI Growth on iOS
  • iPod: $1.85 (6.3% increase)
  • iPhone: $2.16 (13.1% increase)
  • iPad: $2.39 (12.7% increase)


Standout growth occurred with iPad CPIs in Japan with bids averaging $4.22 for a 70% month over month increase in May, while most of the other top countries saw relatively moderate growth:


    iPad CPI Growth by Country
  • Japan $4.22 (70% increase)
  • Russia $3.03 (17% increase)
  • United Kingdom $2.68 (14% increase)
  • Canada $3.47 (11% increase)
  • United States $3.11 (8% increase)


Google Play CPIsThere was particularly strong growth in France, with CPIs growing from $0.79 to $1.19 for a 51% growth in a single month. Russia also showed strong growth for Google Play devices with a change from $0.87 to $1.17 for a 34% growth. Overall, Google Play CPI grew to $1.01 for a 7.5% increase.


    Google Play CPI Growth by Country
  • France $1.19 (51% increase)
  • Russia $1.17 (34% increase)
  • Germany $1.14 (21% increase)
  • United Kingdom $1.03 (10% increase)
  • United States $1.28 (2% increase)


Amazon CPIsAmazon CPI in May grew to $1.87 with a 12.7% increase. Amazon?s champion country in May was the United Kingdom, where the average CPI rose from $1.27 to $1.66 for a 31% increase.


    Amazon CPI Growth by Country
  • United Kingdom $1.66 (31% increase)
  • Japan $1.72 (26% increase)
  • Germany $1.39 (23% increase)
  • Canada $1.74 (11% increase)
  • United States $1.90 (10% increase)


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