Building an Empire: Your Guide to Growing a Mobile Strategy Game Business

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July 23, 2015


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Mobile games are the driving force behind the rise of the mobile app empire. In 2014, games accounted for three-quarters of total app revenues globally. And mobile strategy games are behind the reigns of the industry?s chariot.Some of the strategy titles at the top of the heap include Clash of Clans, Game of War: Fire Age and Boom Beach. Collectively, these three mighty gladiators snap up millions of dollars a day, according to revenue estimates from analytics company Think Gaming.Despite the successes, the story of strategy games is still being written. The next wave is upon us, and that?s why we explore the empire of strategy games in the July 2015 Chartboost Power-Up Report.In this report, we arm you with powerful retention and IAP data, creative design tips from the experts, a strategy game success story, an in-depth examination into the history of mobile strategy games, and so much more. Use this report as your comprehensive playbook in your journey to building a successful mobile games business.


Here?s everything you?ll find in this 38-page report:

  • Get mobile game creative design tips from the pros at Zynga.
  • Gain access to powerful retention and IAP data that answers your mobile games business questions.
  • Check out five strategy game creatives that are some of the highest-converting on the Chartboost network.
  • Peek behind the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at popular strategy title DomiNations.
  • Read about the meteoric rise of mobile strategy games.
  • Take a journey through the history of mobile strategy games?from the pioneers to the latest hits.
  • Study some game design lessons from developers doing it right.
  • Find out why all strategy game app icons all look the same.
  • View a data-rich infographic for Tap4Fun?s Invasion.

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