Spreading the Developer Love: #WeHeartDevs


February 4, 2014


min read

As we all know, it?s the month of love, and we at Chartboost are kicking off a special campaign to help spark connections between developers near and far. It?s called #WeHeartDevs, and it aims to bring the game developer community even closer together.

So, starting today, we?re giving you a platform to speak your passion, and it all starts with this short form. Call out another game or studio/developer you love. We?ll compile your responses and share via our social media channels beginning on Valentine?s Day, and beyond. You might just end up making friends with some otherwise missed connections in the industry.Developers are the heroes of the gaming world - without you, we?d have no subways to surf or candies to crush. We love what you do - and we want to help encourage the kind of support and creative chatter that inspires the birth of our next great mobile game.You can also engage in the conversation and read declarations of developer love by following us on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #WeHeartDevs.Ready to send us your love note to the developer community? Our cupids are standing by.