Boost Your Mobile Advertising Conversion by up to 15% in One Click with Social Metadata

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February 6, 2015


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You?re just one click away from improving your mobile advertising campaign performance by up to 15%. With the new Chartboost Social Metadata feature, you can boost overall conversion for your mobile advertising campaigns by adding a social endorsement layer to your static interstitials that automatically pulls and highlights your mobile game?s cumulative star rating, total star ratings and range for the number of downloads.In testing, advertisers saw overall conversion increase by up to 15 percent on average by overlaying Social Metadata on their mobile game ads!If your mobile game has a large network of players, a Social Metadata overlay on your mobile game ad will give your title a seal of approval via the cumulative star rating, total star ratings and range for the number of downloads. With that additional information in your creative, you will potentially attract higher quality clicks and installs thus higher quality players in the process.Publishers, continue doing what you?re doing. Higher conversion rates for advertisers equals higher eCPM thus more revenue for you.How It Works: Adding a Social Metadata Overlay to Mobile Game Ads

Implementing Social Metadata in your mobile game ads for advertising (or Cross Promotion) campaigns is as easy as flipping a switch. Here?s how it works:

  • Go to your Advertising Campaign Edit page.
  • Under Creative Settings, add a new creative set or use an existing creative set.
  • In Creative Settings, find the Social Metadata option and toggle the radio button from ?No? to ?Yes?.
  • The Social Metadata overlay will populate at the bottom portion of the creative. Also, you can use the Creative Preview feature to get a sense of how your creative will look with the overlay.
  • Click Save and you?re now done! (Note that once you add a Social Metadata overlay to your creative set, it?s permanently altered. To prevent any issues, make sure you save backups of your creatives.)

A/B Test the Effectiveness of Creatives With and Without Social Metadata

Benchmark the effectiveness of adding Social Metadata to your creatives by A/B testing two creatives--one with Social Metadata and one without. Here?s how to do it:

  • Under Add Creative Set, select the Use Existing tab.
  • Select an existing creative set that you want to A/B test for Social Metadata.
  • Create a copy of your desired creative set to your advertising campaign with the Duplicate functionality.
  • Add Social Metadata to one of the two identical creatives by switching the Social Metadata option from ?No? to ?Yes?.
  • Once you have two of the same creatives--one with Social Metadata and one without--use the Traffic Allocated functionality to set up a 50-50 distribution of traffic between the creatives.
  • Click Save and that?s it!

After your A/B test runs its course, you can make the call to allocate more traffic to mobile game ads that are performing better with Social Metadata.Give Social Metadata a whirl today. You?re seriously just one click away from improving your mobile advertising campaign performance by up to 15 percent.Get future product announcements and updates as well as the latest in everything mobile game user acquisition and monetization by subscribing to our blog here.

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