Set it and Forget it: New and Improved Reporting Tools

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July 1, 2014


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We?ve been quietly testing out our new Queued Analytics system and because it?s been received with much fanfare, we?re excited to roll it out to everyone today. The Queued Analytics system quickly processes and delivers some of the biggest reports our partners request on a daily basis including Group by App, Group by Creative, and Export Installs reports for any advertising or publishing campaign.

Queued Analytics and Scheduled Reports

If you are using our APIs for any of these reports, you will need to make important changes to your API requests. The Queued Analytics system comes with a new set of APIs that let you programmatically receive detailed, data-intensive reports with confidence. For more details and to configure your API requests, see our Queued Analytics API documentation.That?s not all. We?re also happy to introduce an additional reporting tool: Scheduled Reports. With Scheduled Reports, you can have your Campaign Analytics and Export Install data delivered straight to your inbox, at the frequency you need. You can even apply Country and Device Type parameters to your Scheduled Reports, empowering you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.Head over to your Scheduled Reports Overview Page to tailor your recurring reports now. You can also access the page by hovering over your user icon where you?ll see a new ?Reports? link in the dropdown menu. For more details about scheduling your reports to be delivered to your inbox, check out our Scheduled Reports Help Site.With the new and improved analytics tools, we?re excited to continue helping you make data-driven decisions to grow your business! As always, hit us up at with any questions or feedback.