September CPI Surges on iOS, Google Play and Amazon

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October 9, 2014


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The leaves may be falling, but average CPIs on all three platforms on the Chartboost Network in September are rising. The average CPIs for iOS were up 7.1%, up 9.2% for Google Play and up 19% for Amazon.

Average CPIs for All iOS Devices Up, Back-to-Back MonthsSummary

  • iPad: CPI up to $3.30 (+8.5%)
  • iPhone: CPI up to $2.69 (+5%)
  • iPod touch: CPI up to $1.83 (+11.4%)

For the second straight month, we saw month-over-month growth across all iOS device types. iPod touch average CPIs exhibited the most growth, increasing 11.4% from $1.64 in August to $1.83 in September. Among the top 10 countries by average iOS CPIs, emerging market Russia and soft-launch favorite Canada displayed the greatest growth, advancing 18% and 14%, respectively.Google Play Average CPI Shows Growth in Most CountriesSummary

  • Google Play: CPI up to $1.30 (+9.2%)

Average CPIs for Google Play experienced robust growth in most countries in September. South Korea, however, felt average CPIs drop 21% month-over-month to $1.15. With South Korea?s average CPI increasing 55% in August, it wasn?t unexpected for the average CPI to taper off in September. The countries that spearheaded Google Play?s average CPI growth included Canada (up 52% to $2.46), Germany (up 33% to $2.33) and the UK (up 30% to $2.02).Amazon Average CPI Catches FireSummary

  • Amazon: CPI up to $2.42 (+19.3%)

Average CPIs for Amazon were on fire in September (pun intended). The top 10 countries by average CPIs for Amazon were all up month-over-month. In particular, average CPIs swelled by 19% in the US, 14% in the UK and 37% in Mexico.With Apple potentially recording 20 million iPhone 6 sales, we expected advertisers to bid slightly more for installs on iPhones. While we saw iPhone bids increase in September, it looks like bids rose for every platform, showing that seasonality had a stronger effect on average CPIs in our Network than the iPhone 6 release.Chartboost CPI InsightsCheck out CPI trends for more countries on Chartboost Insights.The shared CPI figures are averages from our Network and should be used for guidance only.