SDK Support for iOS 7


September 4, 2013


min read

Developers -The iOS 7 release is rapidly approaching and we wanted to clarify our SDK support for the new operating system.In iOS7, the Identifier for Advertising (IFA) is needed to support publishing and accurate analytics. The last several Chartboost SDKs (v3.0.7 and above) already include support for IFA, so no action is required for developers using these versions of the SDK.Legacy SDKs under version 3.0.7 do not include support for IFA. We will discontinue support for these SDKs shortly after the launch of iOS7. We highly encourage developers who are running these SDK versions to upgrade immediately. You can check the version number in the Chartboost.h header file.Its always important to use the latest Chartboost SDKs in your games to ensure the best performance. Visit our help site for more information on iOS documentation or shoot us an email at if you have any questions.