Rewarded Video: A Game Developer?s Guide


August 31, 2017


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Optimizing your monetization strategy is key to continued revenue growth. Rewarded videos aren?t simple plug-and-earn components, but with some thoughtful planning on the publisher?s side, they can pay out in dividends ? literally! Optimization requires staying on top of the latest in-game earning opportunities, and rewarded placements are becoming the top choice for game developers. So how can you take advantage of these top earning placements? Here are the steps and best practices to help you get started.

What is a rewarded video ad?

Players are incentivized to watch a short, non-skippable ad in exchange for points, relevant content, or other virtual goods. These video ads typically run for 15 seconds and have an end card with a compelling call-to-action that convinces players to install the app being advertised.

Farmville 2 Country Escape by Zynga

Why is rewarded video so effective?

Rewarded video performs better than any other in-game ad format because it's the player?s first choice. Not only do players receive a gift in exchange for watching a video, but they also have the freedom to interact with paid content on their own terms.Rewarded video ads are a win for players, developers, and advertisers:

Compared to other in-game ads, rewarded video monetizes especially well since players prefer less intrusive ad experiences. Video traffic is opt-in only; by offering your players a choice, you drive more qualified clicks from genuinely interested users and convert those high-value installs into long-term (engaged) players.

How to get the most out of rewarded video

Rewarded video ads should be intuitively incorporated within gameplay to enhance the player experience and incentivize players to keep returning. Consider the timing of your offer; make it feel special by selectively showing rewarded videos or integrating the offer into your game?s storyline as players level up.Let?s check out the top five rewarded video ad placements:

1. In-Game Store

One of the first rewarded placements that players were introduced to, the in-game store is a great way to monetize players who don?t want to spend real money. However, it?s also rather hidden, and some players who don?t intend to spend anything may never navigate there.

Nonstop Knight by Flaregames

2. The ?Mission Complete? Multiplier

Games often reward players upon completion of a mission or quest. You can offer to double that reward if the player completely views a video ad. This is another high-engagement location.

Bitcoin Billionaire by Noodlecake

3. Save Me!

Players hate seeing the ?game over? screen. Give them a chance to retry the level or restart from where they failed, if they first watch a video ad.

Zombie Highway by Auxbrain

4. In-Game Hints

Entice your players to watch in exchange for valuable secret tips or strategies will help them stick around for more gameplay.

Letterpad by NimbleBit

5. Discount Pricing for In-App Purchases

The ultimate goal of every F2P game is having players enjoy your game enough to spend on those precious IAPs. Use a rewarded video to offer a discount on an early game IAP item, or bundle items together in one offer.Learn about other top placements for your game, or check out how Outfit7 and RappidStudios implement rewarded video in their games.

Get started with rewarded video on Chartboost

After you?ve integrated the latest Chartboost SDK and uploaded creative assets like rewarded currency images, you can easily start using rewarded video ads to earn more revenue.Here?s how to launch your first rewarded video campaign from the Chartboost dashboard:

  • Under the campaigns tab, click Publishing.
  • Click Add Campaign to create a new publishing campaign.
  • Select where a rewarded video campaign will show. You can choose Network Publishing, Direct Deal or Cross Promotion.
  • Name your campaign and select Rewarded Video from the Ad Type dropdown.
  • Choose the platform and app that will be showing rewarded video ads.
  • When targeting your campaign, limit how many ads are shown to users per week, per day, or per hour.
  • Choose the audiences you want to target. You can target audiences by app genres, gaming audiences, countries, operating systems, and device types.
  • Click Save and you?re all set!

Rewarded video campaigns can earn you revenues based on CPI, CPM and CPCV. Publishers earn money based on the bid types that advertisers use in their campaigns. See the full list of bid types here.

Wrapping it up

When considering rewarded video, you?ll want to decide how your game and advertising can work together to maximize revenue and growth. Embracing rewarded video ads in your game offers a huge opportunity to deliver a seamless ad experience that players want to engage with.