Reminder: Indie Game Jam 2013


September 17, 2013


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At Chartboost, we pretty much eat, drink and breathe games - which is why we've decided to do just that for an entire weekend! We're hosting a Game Jam from September 27th-29th and whether you're an artist, musician, engineer, designer or just a huge gamer, we want you there! SIGN UP HERE?and find out more details below.

We're running the SF Indie Game Jam similar to Molyjam or the Global Game Jam:

  • Show up alone or with a team (though finding new friends is usually more fun)
  • Create a game related to the theme (we'll reveal the theme Friday evening)
  • Use any platform (we lean mobile, but are not exclusive!)
  • Celebrate and show off on Sunday!

The price of your ticket gets you drinks, snacks, and meals for the whole weekend.?Chartboost WON'T be open overnight - so if you're coming in from East Bay or South Bay, make sure you have a place to crash or know the BART/Caltrain times if you're not driving.FAQIs this one of those creepy corporate-sponsored hackathons that's going to claim ownership of whatever we make?Ew! We didn't even know that this happened and are totally grossed out by the concept.?Everything you make at this jam belongs to YOU and you alone!?Neither Chartboost nor TinyCo have any claim to what comes out of the game jam - we just want to enable you to make awesome stuff!Can I show up and work on my own project?Anyone who's been to the SF Global Game Jam knows that we're pretty relaxed about group size and previously or newly formed groups. While we'd like you to try and start and finish a game within the 48 hour period, there's really no way for us to enforce that, so it's all on your honor!