Real-time bidding will bring more efficiency - Gonzalo Fasanella, Tactile

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July 23, 2019


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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gonzalo Fasanella, CMO of Tactile Games, at our Amsterdam office for an exclusive video interview. Gonzalo shared his thoughts on the next big trends, the partnership with Chartboost and his key advice for any developer to be successful in today's industry.Tactile Games is a Danish game developer with 100 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Copenhagen and with offices in the UK and Tenerife, they?ve built hit titles in the puzzle casual genre such as like Cookie Cats, Simon?s Cat, and Lily?s Garden.Gonzalo Fasanella has over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, leading marketing strategy, product growth, user acquisition and monetization. Previous to Tactile, Gonzalo was the Director of Marketing at Omnidrone, and Head of Performance Marketing & Advertising Products at Gameloft.

Video Transcript:The next trend that is coming is real-time bidding. I think that more and more ad networks are moving to it. Real-time bidding for sure will bring more efficiency to the ad buying in the industry. As today it is really hard to understand waterfalls. I would add other transparency to the market. That layer of transparency and real-time is really needed in the industry to go a step further.I personally started to work with Chartboost since the very beginning, when you developed your cross-promotion system. I think that was back in 2011, when I was part of another company back then. The relationship with Chartboost has always been excellent in terms of account management and service providing.The advice I would give to any developer to succeed in this industry would be to try to stay calm and not be anxious about the things that you are doing. Don?t try to reach a goal super fast. Be calm. Sleep on your thoughts and make sure you do things when you are sure about them. Don?t run into them.?Secondly, is to try not to be stubborn about your ideas. Try to find excuses to why that is not working. Try to be humble and recognize that maybe you made a mistake and you need to turn in order to succeed in the future.Interested in being featured in our Dev Spotlight Series? Fill out this form?here!Next, read our case study on how Tactile Increased Ad Spend by 70% on Chartboost Flexbid.