Real Boxing Lands Knockout Punch, Boosts Revenue 100% With Chartboost Video Ads

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November 20, 2015


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The Story

Boxing is the ultimate test of endurance, intellect and mental fortitude. The same can be said for mobile game development. Since entering the mobile game development ring nearly 10 years ago, Vivid Games has stood toe-to-toe against the top contenders in mobile gaming. Real Boxing has emerged as the Polish studio?s prizefighter. The boxing sim has tallied over 25 million downloads across multiple platforms.[caption id="attachment_12889" align="aligncenter" width="900"]


Image via Vivid Games[/caption]

The Problem

Real Boxing?s narrative arc shares many parallels to those seen in boxing movies?the game transformed from contender to undisputed champion of mobile boxing sims. Vivid Games? boxing sim first launched close to three years ago as a paid title. Although in June 2014, the Bydgoszcz and Warsaw, Poland-based game maker ran a short promotion that offered the game for free. The results from the promotion were eye-opening. Real Boxing?s revenue tripled after the first weekend of the promotion. Consequently, the developer made the decision to drop the $4.99 price tag for good and transition Real Boxing to a free-to-play mobile game.In the mobile free-to-play space, only a fraction of players spend money. Accordingly, Vivid Games leveraged Chartboost?s made-for-mobile interstitial ads to greatly enhance revenue for Real Boxing. In addition, the studio wanted to land even greater knockout revenue with gorgeous, 100% viewable mobile video ads from a partner that doesn?t pull any punches.[caption id="attachment_12890" align="aligncenter" width="900"]


Image via Vivid Games[/caption]Beyond strengthening revenue, Vivid Games sought a partner that would provide granular control over who advertises in Real Boxing, ad location and targeting options. In addition, Vivid Games wanted an easy-to-use dashboard that would deliver powerful data so the company could make data-informed decisions to maximize revenue. Also, the studio wanted the freedom to arrange free direct deals with the world?s best mobile game advertisers that would drive the most revenue.

The Solution

Chartboost was the top pound-for-pound monetization solution for Vivid Games. Chartboost?s rich, immersive mobile video ads and Direct Deals Marketplace were a stunning one-two combo. Vivid Games utilized the lightweight Chartboost SDK integrated in Real Boxing to create video interstitial ad campaigns, which ran in conjunction with its lucrative static interstitial campaigns.

?In just over a month after using Chartboost video ads, we saw a 100 percent lift in revenue. Chartboost met our success criteria and we look forward to maintaining our fruitful partnership.?

-Micha? MichalczeniaUser Acquisition Manager, Vivid Games

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Image via Vivid Games[/caption]When both campaigns were running at full speed, Vivid Games saw its video campaign land a 100% boost in revenue for Real Boxing on iOS and Google Play. The immersive, full-screen video ads captivated players, which prompted continuous revenue for the months that followed. Also, Vivid Games took advantage of the unique ability to sell inventory directly to mobile game advertisers with Chartboost?s intuitive Direct Deals Marketplace?resulting in the company scaling revenues even further.Chartboost?s state-of-the-art, self-service dashboard was at the core of everything. Through the dashboard, Vivid Games was able to set up video ads that trigger at appropriate places in Real Boxing?s visceral boxing experience. And the studio tinkered with different targeting options in order to maximize ROI. By meeting its success criteria, Vivid Games looks forward to maintaining its fruitful partnership with Chartboost now and when it looks to promote its hotly anticipated Real Boxing 2 CREED, the official free-to-play mobile game of the movie Creed.