Post-Holiday CPIs Normalize in February

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March 5, 2014


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With the month of February behind us, let's take a look at how the average cost per install on the Chartboost network fared during the month of love.

Post-Holiday CPIs Normalize in February


Post (high-spending) holiday, we saw CPIs return back to what they were before the holiday season. A marginal impact on iOS (-2.2%) and a much greater change in CPI for Google Play (-16%). The averages we're seeing in February are representative of the rest of the year until the next holiday season. Amazon CPIs, on the other hand, have climbed quite a bit with a 15.6% gain.*In terms of the iOS devices themselves, average bids on the iPhone devices rose by 2.4%, while bids for iPads and iPods fell by 3.4% and 9.4%, respectively. This represents a nice opportunity for campaigns wishing to target tablets.Google Play took a more significant hit in February, with CPI bids down 16% overall. For example, the average cost per install in the U.S. was $1.13 (-25%), $0.95 (-13%) in the United Kingdom, and $1.18 (-15%) in Canada.As usual, month to month changes vary based on what country you?re targeting, so while CPIs for iOS fell slightly, overall, average iOS CPIs for specific geo targets could have gone up. For example, iOS CPIs fell by 1.4% in the US, but gained 1% in the United Kingdom.To see additional CPI figures with more country details, check out our Insights Page.As always, the shared CPI figures are averages from our Network and should be used for guidance only. If you have any questions or suggestions on future insights, please e-mail* Amazon data is based on a smaller sample set, and is thus more subject to variability.