Pictures and Thoughts from GDC China


November 29, 2012


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We just returned from GDC China and man, what a trip! Shanghai is a wonderfully lively city with entirely too much to see and do. If you get the chance, we highly recommend checking it out.

We were also lucky enough to host the very first talk at GDC China. Our topic was about harnessing the power of cross-promotion in mobile games and Clay Kellogg (our CRO) did such a good job that Gamasutra decided to write a post about the talk. Not only did we host a session at GDC China, but we also held a Developer Drink Up in Shanghai that brought in 30-40 of China’s best and brightest mobile game developers.

Read on for some pictures from both GDC China and our Developer Drink Up!

Clay Kellogg telling it like it is to kickoff GDC China.

Packed house for our talk!

Clay being interviewed by a Chinese TV station.

The lighting might have been poor, but the drinks and food were not.

The Shanghai skyline. Can’t beat that.