Non-rewarded app advertising gets you quality users with genuine motivation.


April 22, 2011


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Apple has recently rejected applications because they included Tapjoy?s Offerwall with incentivized installs. There are being rumors about Apple shooting down app advertising and we wanted to raise a voice and explain or perspective in the situation and why we thing this is not the end of ad advertising but instead a spike that will bring improvement and transformation for the better.

Apple is not against app advertising or against encouraging downloads. They are actually doing this themselves and using this exact wording to promote their service:

The iAd for Developers program is a great way for developers to promote their paid or free apps to millions of iPhone and iPod touch users around the world. Using this unique, cost-effective advertising program, you can reach the right audience to drive more downloads of your iOS 4 app.

What apple doesn?t like is companies cheating the system or ?excessively influencing it?.

?We found that your app, or its metadata, includes features or content that can have an excessive influence in the listing order or ranking on the App Store, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, your application allows users to download other apps in order to receive in-game currency. Please refer to the attached screenshot for further information. This feature can have an excessive influence in the listing order or ranking on the App Store.?

What the industry is realizing of is that app advertising will need to evolve and become smarter and more quality-focused. It looks like Apple wants to make sure that the downloads that advertising is bringing are genuine. Downloads need to be motivated by an honest interest of the user for that game or app.

Overall, these changes (rankings, more apps displayed on device and more control in what influences chart position) are good news since they are creating a better environment. The App Store will be a place where good games can climb to the top, and advertising is used to get initial visibility, but the investment will only make sense if the app is able to stay in the chart position powered by strong engagement analytics instead of deep marketing budgets.

About ChartBoost:
We are a new advertising platform that focuses on non-rewarded installs served through premium ad units. Our first ad unit is a boot-up interstitial: full screen, 100% customized and proven high performance. We have launched a free platform to run internal cross promotions within your own company. We are soon opening new parts of the platform that will let you do targeted app advertising and combine it with engagement analytics that will measure the value of users depending on their acquisition channel.