Announcing Non-Latin Character Support for Chartboost Analytics Reports

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June 2, 2015


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We?ll stop at nothing to empower mobile game developers globally to build great mobile games. Our announcement last month of three new tools to help you navigate swaths of data serves as a testament to our mission.Today, we?re pleased to announce an update to make downloadable Chartboost analytics reports truly global. Starting now, we?re adding support for non-latin characters to all of our fully transparent, downloadable reports--including reports from App Analytics, Campaign Analytics, Post-Install Analytics, Scheduled Reports and any queued analytics from the Chartboost API. This means that all non-latin characters in any analytics report will display properly in your spreadsheet tool of choice, such as Microsoft Excel.Why are we doing this? Because mobile gaming is a global business, with mobile game titles in every language from all corners of the world. In order to properly display non-latin characters in downloadable analytics reports, we had to change the character encoding to UTF-16LE. And to accommodate the new character encoding, we also had to switch the file format for all downloadable Chartboost reports from comma delimited to tab delimited. Files will still have a .csv extension.For most of you, the change to the tab delimited file format across all reports will be a seamless transition. But if you send your Chartboost Scheduled Reports automatically to your own third-party system, you may need to update your configuration to recognize the file is now tab delimited.So whether your report includes game titles in English such as Clash of Clans or titles with non-latin characters such as ?????????? (Monster Strike), you will see the titles displayed correctly--allowing you to make data-informed decisions with your mobile game monetization or advertising campaigns even faster.