Introducing Non-Game Advertiser Support: A New Way for You to Drive Revenue

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February 19, 2016


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We launched Chartboost 5 years ago to empower mobile game developers to make a business out of building awesome games. Since then, over 300,000 games globally have used our marketplace to increase revenue and discover new players.At Chartboost, we are constantly thinking about what we can do for our developers. ?Today, we are excited to announce a great opportunity for our community: we are opening up our marketplace to all mobile advertisers, including non-game advertisers.?With over 5.2 billion mobile phone users online, more and more brand advertisers have taken notice, allocating a majority of their ad spending dollars toward mobile. These non-game advertisers represent a new, high-quality source of revenue that complements our existing base of world-leading game advertisers.We strongly believe this initiative will drive more revenue for our publishing partners through higher eCPM?s and fill rates. Best yet, we are embarking on this initiative by leveraging the Chartboost marketplace, the player experience and the transparency that our partners have been accustomed to since the very beginning.

Network Success

We?ve already seen promising results with several companies. Early beta partner Everalbum had this to say:?Chartboost?s engaged gaming audiences, tremendous scale, and sophisticated post-install optimization tools drove tens of thousands of high quality installs for us.?Johnny ChenProduct Manager, Growth, Everalbum

What Does This Mean for Publishers?

Publishers now have access to non-game promotions and these will be the same rich, immersive mobile video and interstitial ads tailor-made for mobile games that you come to expect from Chartboost.As always, publishers will have complete control over whether or not you display ads from non-game advertisers in your campaigns. By default, ads from all advertisers will run in your publishing campaigns.

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Follow this link here to learn how to easily remove non-game advertisers from your campaigns.

Getting Started as an Advertiser

All advertisers can start running app install campaigns across iOS, Google Play and Amazon immediately. To get started, sign up for a Chartboost account or contact our team at