Nimbus's Publishers Grew Revenue by 23% with Chartboost Exchange

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October 31, 2019


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The ChallengeNimbus is facing the challenge of rapidly expanding its supply-side opportunity without compromising the quality and uniqueness of its demand partners.The SolutionNimbus integrated with the Chartboost Exchange to access a diverse supply of both brand and performance buyers. After a seamless server-side openRTB onboarding that took less than a week, Nimbus?s publishers gained full access to Chartboost demand, as well as the transparent reporting that is always offered as a critical component of a Nimbus publisher partnership.

Chartboost has been one of the stronger demand partners integrated in our Timehop ad stack. They've been incredibly helpful in both managing our account and optimizing our bottom line. We've found that they provide unique demand and immediate lift when participating in our unified auction.? David Leviev, VP Programmatic Product Development, Timehop

The ResultChartboost Exchange introduced competitive demand to the marketplace, driving up CPM bid prices in real-time. Nimbus and its publishers saw huge success with 23% increase in revenue and 22% increase in fill rate as a result of this new partnership.

Nimbus Case Study Results

About Nimbus

Nimbus is an advanced ad platform that facilitates a true unified auction via an ultra-fast server-to-server RTB exchange to help mobile publishers monetize their inventory.

About Chartboost Exchange

Chartboost Exchange aggregates all the high-quality brand and performance demand across Chartboost to compete for publishers? inventory with real-time CPM bids.

Download the case study as a pdf?here.