New Chartboost SDK 7 with iOS 11 Compatibility, Smaller Footprint, and Better Fill Rates!

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September 14, 2017


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Today we're excited to announce the release of Chartboost SDK 7 for iOS and Android! The completely re-designed Chartboost SDK is the most stable and powerful SDK build to date. As you gear up to upgrade your app to iOS 11, this is a great time to integrate the Chartboost SDK 7 and start boosting earnings.Let's take a look at the latest SDK performance enhancements below?.

Better Fill Rates to Earn You More Money

With the new SDK 7 you?ll see an ever more optimized ad performance that results in increased fill rates and boosted eCPMs.Here?s how:

  • Improved prefetching methods to serve ads faster, improving your fill rates and the player experience
  • Built for the latest ad formats, better support for playable ads and interactive video interstitials.

Stability Improvements to Optimize Performance

With a major reduction in the SDK footprint and stability improvements for both iOS and Android, you?ll spend less development time on optimizations and more development time on your game.iOS and Android Performance Optimizations*?+90.47% Publisher eCPM?+25.76% Install Rate (IR)?+20.63% Install per Thousand Impressions (IPM)?+61.48% Video Completion Rates*compared to 6.6.3iOS - New Webview Stack

  • Powered by WKWebView to support HTML5 formats
  • Smaller memory footprint and library
  • Reduced battery usage for your players

Consistent and Reliable Ad Experiences

Chartboost SDK 7 update now supports streamlined and standardized creatives generation with industry standard MRAID 2.0 compliance.With MRAID 2.0 support, the industry?s Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition, advertisers can confidently deliver ads without errors. This integration provides a standardized set of commands that work with a variety rich media functions.Finally, for games focused on younger players, the new Chartboost iOS SDK now allows for a customizable age gate alert, to maintain your brand safety with a visual style that matches your game.

Upgrade now to get started

Download SDK 7 for iOS and Android to start taking advantage of the latest SDK feature enhancements below.[Download SDK 7 Now]